Handsome Chestnut St

San Francisco, CA 94123








Days on market

A handsome $8.4M abode. $405K over-asking

This realtor came to us looking for a crack team to partner with to bring this special home to the market. This incredible home in Cow Hollow had incredible curb appeal, beautiful interiors, and a view of the bay to boot.

Our job in these scenarios is to accentuate the home, not distract from it, and so we applied a sophisticated styling that still turned heads.

Sometimes we need to apply more of our magic to make a pop. In this case, the home was a nimble dance partner that we enjoyed waltzing with. What a home. What an exit!

the craft
Discover how we don't just use furniture to style the home.

Search for the layering of accessories, books, throws, and pillows. Set your eyes on the light fixtures we've replaced.

Did our paint selection make the room? What would the room look like without our flowers?

Altogether, we create that immersive experience that transports your potential buyer home.


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